So, as you may’ve noticed things are little… out of sorts here on the Abel Boddy webpage. This is due to an upgrade of the comicpress theme that I was totally unprepared for, it was mandatory and knocked out a lot of my customized coding. I’m in the process of putting it all back together, but it may take some time, it will most likely come back together piece by piece. I’m trying to use it as an opportunity to upgrading the look of the site, but honestly, I still like the design that I had, so, I’m not sure how much different it will end up being.

The other thing I wanted to address was my neglecting of Abel Boddy over the last couple of months. It’s not something I enjoyed doing, but it needed to be done. Because I gave myself the permission to focus on one project, I was able to finish all of my NSFW mini-webcomic 12″ Roommate, which ends this spring. It’s been done for a couple of days now and honestly, I don’t know what to do with myself — actually I do know. I need to get this comic moving again!

So, if you have been sitting around wondering “WTF happened to Abel Boddy???!” Please know that I’m doing my best to getting it all back in place.