Every time I visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art I make a point to explore some unique cartooning shapes by sketching the African sculptures and masks. I generally find it easier to tackle the art from front on, but I must admit, just so I can find a silhouette line to build off of, I tend to favor a near 3/4 front view.

Later on, while standing in line for the Alexander McQueen exhibit “Savage Beauty” I caricatured the people around me, only this time I tried to stick to their profiles. Profiles are the easiest way to draw a person’s face. Through a profile, the silhouette can be captured very quickly and most people do not see their profile very often so it’s harder for them to dispute if they think it doesn’t look like them.

So, with the IPod of shuffle, I had plenty of time to fill a couple of pages; the line snaked around through four collections; and as you wandered back, mounted signs informed you of your actual wait time, “10 minute wait”, “15 minute wait”, “20 minute wait”, etc. You can never really tell how much room anything at The Met is taking up, because the place is just so damn big.

In the first section of the McQueen exhibit, many of the garments are posed so that you see the side rather than the front or the back, McQueen claimed that he would view his design from the side, because that is where all the body’s worst angles can be viewed. The exhibit was wonderful, a lovely reminder that fashion does not have to be, as Nina Garcia and Michael Kors would like you to believe, about commercial wearability.

When I got home, I kicked my feet up and watched the Gregg Araki movie, “Ka-Boom”. It began with a lot promise, Thomas Dekker plays a bisexual college student obsessed with his perpetually naked twunk roommate, he has a cadre of female friends of varying sexualities; all as exceedingly verbal, and sexually proficient as bitter, 40 year old cougars. As the movie’s sci-fi storyline becomes clearer I began to lose more and more interest, I think this was because, the more I tried to understand it, the less sense it actually made. It was sort of like a candy colored, college-aged Dawson’s Creek — with psychics!!

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